Hello, and Welcome to my life’s work. Please contact me with your design and art inquiries. I look forward to hearing from you!


I have been designing, drawing, editing, building, producing content for over 20 years. Having graduated from Vancouver Film Schools Animation and VFX program in the year 2000, I spent 8 years after that in Los Angeles, CA working on studio pictures, big budget commercials, video game cinematics and music videos. In 2009 I moved to Austin, TX where I still reside to this day.

I bring my experience to every job and leave my ego behind. To be effective in design, production or any creative endeavor you must have the flexibility to be both a self starter and a team player. You must be able to deliver quality content at or beyond clients expectations. You must be able to do this with adherence to budgets and time constraints. You must have the ability and willingness to learn new methods, new software as the industry changes. These are some of the things I use to guide me through my work.

Someone once asked me, “Do you have fun at your job?”

I responded, “Making things that work is fun. Making things come to life is fun. That feeling of accomplishment when delivering quality work to a client, that is fun”

Life is about finding and sustaining purpose. Things like family, community, revivification of the spirit through creative endeavors, these are the things that sustain me.


Animation, Visual Effects, Video Editing, Conceptualization, Rendering, Planning, Logo Design, Photography, Advertising, Marketing.

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